Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nut Free Candy Corn/Pumpkins

After letting my fondant ripen a few days, I tinted, and flavoured it to make candy corn. I also made chocolate covered coconut bon bons, and peppermint patties coated in dark chocolate. I still have plenty of fondant left.

Most of the candy corn brands are made in facilities with nuts. The thought of going through Halloween without candy corn was too much to bear (really, I mean, that's part of childhood in America, right?) so I gave homemade ones a try. I think the store-bought ones are honey flavoured-mine are vanilla. I think you could experiment with that. Sure, they aren't exactly the same, but when the choice is between similar and none, kids tend to be less particular.
Caterpillar? Nessie? I dunno-I had extra green fondant to use-up.

Fondant recipe HERE.

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