Sunday, October 23, 2016

Liberty and an Echo

 I finally succeeded in finding a Liberty scarf in the wild. It cost me a dollar, and was in good condition free of snags, stains, or holes. Oh sure, I could buy one online, but as a matter of principle, I wasn't going to spend much money on something everyone else seems to be able to locate in the thrifts with little effort. I don't mind waiting for something I want at a price I'm comfortable with.
 I love the print, which makes it all that much more enjoyable.
 Outfit Particulars:
Vintage polyester blouse-Thrift World
Vintage 80's suede skirt-Goodwill
Suede jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage suede and leather Johanssen handbag-Hand-Me-Ups
Shoes-K mart several years ago
Liberty scarf-Goodwill
Large bangle-Salvation Army
Earrings-yard sale
Fragrance-Bandit (This much suede in an outfit needed something that could stand up to it)

Did someone say something...say something...?

 (I think there must be an Echo (scarf) in here).
Dumb joke, awesome scarf. 
 With my hair worn up, I really need something on my neck this time of year-might as well make, "something" a nice scarf.
Hairdo? Couldn't be bothered. Thank God for combs to hold it all in place.

Outfit Particulars:
Vintage Echo silk scarf-Goodwill
Top-K Mart
Vintage double-knit poly blend skirt-New Life Thrift
Boots-Hand Me Ups
Vintage jacket (part of a suit)-long gone vintage shop
Earrings-Yard sale
Vintage Damascene bracelet-Goodwill
Vintage Handbag-Goodwill
I had to go somewhere looking "Normal" and this was the best I could come up with (The clothes anyway-my face is beyond all attempts at normal). My wardrobe really doesn't do, "Normal" without much difficulty. 

As they say, "Normal is overrated."
I have a few other odds and ends I've worn recently that don't quite deserve their own post, so I'll share them here.

 The tights were cool, as was the spectacularly ugly pink handbag from Harrods. Everyone knows the only thing worth shopping at Harrods for is perfume, certainly not an ugly pink bag with the "H" logo embossed all over it. I bought it at a thrift store for .99 cents as a joke. I can't imagine anyone carrying something like this with a straight face.
 "Hey, nice pumpkins"

Why, thank you!

I love this ankle length suede skirt, and wear it to death this time of year. As it can graze the ground, I don't wear it when there's snow/road salt on the ground as that's murder on suede. Hopefully, we have a bit of time before that shows up.

The robins are still here. They don't all migrate, but it was odd to see a tree full of them...and they were singing!
Ugly shades, but they do the trick.
In the same week I found the Liberty scarf, I also found both a blouse and dress from the Liberty collaboration with Target a few years back. Feast or famine around here, I guess. If I wish hard enough, what do you suppose the odds are of finding another Hermes scarf and a handbag?

Hope the weekend is treating you well.


Vix said...

Yay! I'm glad you've finally found a Liberty scarf - and a pretty one at that! The vintage suit jacket is lovely and you've got a cracking pair of pins, those crazy tights show them off a treat.
I've not seen a Harrods' pink bag, all the ones I come across are in that signature bottle green. I've never set foot in the place (tourist trap) but have sampled some particularly good shortbread of theirs.
Your robins are nothing like ours! xxx

Polyester Princess said...

I don't mind waiting for something I'd like either, and actually prefer finding things "in the wild" (I love that expression, and am borrowing it from you). I love the red handbag with your first outfit. So far, I haven't been able to find a decent red one "in the wild". The Echo scarf is a beauty, and in fact I'm loving the whole second outfit, which is looking very distinguished. But oh, how my eyes hurt from looking at the shiny tights/pink handbag combo! xxx

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wonderful scarf - what a truly fabulous find and such a lovely design. I also love the Liberty type/font; it's so distinctive.

Amazing outfits, bags and jewellery as always. Twin acorn brooch, a pair of owls, a scary looking real robin, pumpkins - a definite nature theme running through this post!

Your hair looks so nice up and those fabulous red bejewelled earrings. I think the pinky orangey jacket with the floral pin and the brownish bronze jacket were rather lovely and looked lovely on you.

Have a good week


Bibi Maizoon said...

1 do see all the tourists carrying some version of a Harrod's shopping tote whenever I fly through Heathrow. Never been to an actual Harrods, the small one in Heathrow is a sad, shopworn and tired affair.
I see you've stolen Ivanka Trump's signature hairdo. Or is it Pats from AbFab?
Looking splendidly Autumnal in all your gorgeous ensembles!
Great pic of that robin too.

Radostin said...

Love how eclectic your wardrobe is! (rather like my own 😉). So many lovely things here, I love your scarves, and the brown vintage suit jacket, and and and...

Radostin said...

PS Great legs!

Hope said...

Jackets!!!!I wish you live in Australia and would lend me or I would stole them.
You always inspire me to aim to look my best.Scarf is gregarious,I own a few,all bought for a dollar.

Beth Waltz said...

Great scores, Goody! We ETB fans understand that thrift shopping is about more than saving money, it's the thrill of discovering such treasures in the dross!

As autumn arrives and temps drop, I begin to review the Scandinavian fashion scene -- who better knows how to look good while staying warm?
The tights and shoe combo in your first ensemble feels Finnish with its blocks of strong color.

Your collection of pins is exquisite. How do you sort and store them? By season? By theme? By metals? Pinned to the curtains of your dressing room...?

Goody said...

The naming of our birds goes back to the arrival of the first colonists in the 1600's. They would see a bird that was, kinda-sorta (not really) similar and declare, "The American Robin!" and so on.

I think I borrowed the expression from someone as well. No sense wasting a good description.

The robins are MEAN! They bully all the other birds if they dare to go near the raisins we put out.

I believe MY hairdo has been stolen, as I've been wearing up-do to disguise dirty hair for years. Speaking of Patsy-have you seen the new Ab-Fab movie?

Thank you.
I'd love to see your wardrobe. When are we going to convince you to start a blog?

If I lived in Australia I'd give them to you ;)

You know, the Danish coziness thing is well, a thing right now. I keep wanting to call it, "Hookah" but I guess they're not getting *that* mellow.

"Hagar the Hygge, what do you say we go sack Ireland this weekend?"
"Nah, Dagmar made some cardamom buns and bought just the loveliest beeswax candles so we're going to stay in, maybe take a sauna..."
"But we're *Vikings*.
"Oooh, do try the cocoa."

I'm all-in for nice teak furniture but I draw the line at candles.

I keep them in small plastic baskets, but I really could use a better system. I keep the Holiday brooches apart so I don't need to sort through them.

Mim said...

Hoorah for finding the Liberty scarf - though I confess, I like your Echo one even better. That whole outfit makes you look like you should be on Mad Men.

Your robins are very different from ours, but they seem to be stroppy little blighters, whichever continent they're on. Maybe stroppiness is part of the nature of all robins.

I am already SICK of hearing about hygge over here. It seems to be the latest bandwagon for magazines and middle-class bloggers - though at least 'clean eating' is sodding off; of the two I'd rather have hygge.

Goody said...


Oh god yeah, the clean eating thing is completely lost on me. I mean, FFS, really?! At least the Paleo diet gave me the opportunity to perversly ask people what sort of arrowhead they use to bring down a rib roast, but clean eating is beyond sarcasm.