Sunday, June 05, 2011

Quarterly Book Sale

It was 98 degrees by our thermometer today-and humid. I'm glad an hour drive in a car without air conditioning turned out to be worth it, but then the Omaha Library book sale always is. I went Friday, and today, and it was empty and quiet as a tomb. An air conditioned tomb filled with books, but apparently that wasn't enough to bring in the crowds.

A reminder for the locals, the on-going sale continues on Thursdays from 11-3PM at the Swanson branch on Dodge Street. There was an excellent supply of .25 cent, and .50 cent books (good stuff too, John Hawkes, William Gass, Peter Ackroyd) and I came home with some of the strangest cookbooks I've ever run across. I'm not sure when I think I'll find time for a 600 page biography of Lorca, but eventually Danny will grow up, move out, and I'll be able to read a book for enjoyment again. Until then, I guess I'm stuck plowing through a history of the Habsburgs.

I'll do a post later in the week with a photo round-up of the better illustrated items. I bought Danny a set of children's music books form the 30's that are breathtakingly beautiful. I still can't believe they let that set go for five bucks. Madness.

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