Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekly Omaha Book Sale at Swanson Branch

Mr. ETB had some vacation days that he needed to, "use or lose", so we dropped my car off at the mechanic and headed to the book sale in Omaha. He's only gone to the quarterly sale, and was blown away by the quantity and quality of the books on offer each Thursday.

Best Score: A set of My Book House. No library stampings, so they must have been donated. Excellent condition. Paid: 1 dollar for each volume. Imagine me looking very happy.

Other excellent finds:
-a pate cookbook (Mr. ETB shuddered visibly when he saw it)
-some historical cookery books
-a recent book on shortwave radio (we have one that Danny is eager to start using)
-a beautifully illustrated field guide to insects
-a nicely bound, 2 volume edition of Life of Johnson (with engravings)
-The City in History, Mumford (my crappy paperback edition was falling apart)
-The Witches of Fire, Witch Hunting in a Scottish Shire 1560-1710, Macdonald
-Famous Mathematicians (yeah, I know what you're thinking)

I still haven't posted the better finds from the quarterly sale, which I promise to do at some point over the summer break.


Janice said...

Historical Cookery Books?? Please tell us more. I'm always impressed by the book deals you manage to find.

Goody said...

I was actually thinking of you as I bought them! Which reminds me, do you want a copy of the Lincoln heritage Trail Cook Book, "Foods Lincoln Liked"? It is a small pamphlet, and I'd be happy to send it to you.

The book that really caught my eye was Reciepts from Appomattox, the Heart of Virginia. All the ingredients and recipes are from the 1800's and collected by park service workers. It has a large section devoted to pickling and preserves.

There were others, but I'd have to go dig through the stack in the other room. I promise to get some posts up. Drop me an email if you want the Lincoln book.