Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Wireless

We brought the old Philco down from the shelf for Danny to use. When I bought that thing back in the early 90's, I never imagined I'd have a son sitting in the front room trying to tune in Cuba.

So far he's found:

China (an English broadcast)
-and some religious nutter that sounded Canadian doing the old-time fire and brimstone you're all going to burn in hell, routine.

Actual Conversation:

Danny: Mama? It sure was fun when we tuned in those Nazis! Didn't you think that was fun?

Me: I think they prefer, "Germans".

Danny: Same thing. Wasn't it fun?!

He didn't get that from me, must have been his Dad who spent his formative years in Germany and never fully got over it. It sure was fun though, Nazis or not.

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