Sunday, June 19, 2011

Speaking of Bad Weather...

Danny wanted a tornado cake for his half-Birthday, and Mr. ETB wanted one for Father's Day as well. Here you go boys!

The funnel cloud is cake (not a funnel cake, though I did think of it and then disregarded the idea) , the flying debris are made from decorated butter cookies. Danny was impressed, as was Mr. ETB. The only thing Danny wanted for a gift was some spiral notebooks, so we bought him a nice assortment. I suspect he won't always be this easy to please.

Danny made Papa a couple of coasters (.49 cent white tiles from the hardware store decorated with a sharpie), and a 27 page story that he illustrated and I helped him bind in cloth covered cardboard. Oh, and we made him some caramel corn as well.
-Look, cloud-to-cloud lightning. How's that for detail?

A good day all around-hopefully the only severe weather tonight will come in the form of cake, but we are in the path of some expected stuff tonight. I think we should play some sort of game, like every time the weather radio goes off with a new warning you have to eat a cookie or something.

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