Friday, June 17, 2011


The weather alarm just went off for what must be the seventh time this evening (two tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, and now ping-pong sized hail). I am so. Sick. Of. It. I sort of feel like I was baiting the Universe as I was preparing decorated cookies for a weather themed cake on Sunday. Imagine how absurd it felt to be standing there icing lightning bolts and funnel clouds as the alarm starts in with, "The National Weather Service in Omaha has issued the following warning for Saunders county..." The roar outside is unbelievable.

Thankfully, we're far from the Missouri River, and the flood plain-but let me tell you, I had to drive into Omaha today, and you could smell the stench of spilled wastewater along I-80 near the new ballpark. So far the airport and downtown are OK, so everyone is keeping their fingers crossed.

Anyway, I guess it was lucky I was too tired to transplant my pepper seedlings in the garden today-there's no way they could survive 60mph winds and hail.

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