Thursday, April 09, 2015

April ( Snow) Showers bring Frozen Spinach

Thought you might appreciate a photo in the powder room for a change. The mirror's divided which is awful for photos, so I made the youngster drag out the tripod and start snapping.

Do you see the applique hand towels behind me? Those were purchased for me in the mid 70's by our housekeeper Ella Mae. Why she thought a child needed fancy hand towels I'll never know, but I kept them for, "Someday", and here they are in my powder room. I also managed to hang onto a small plastic handbag she gave me when I was about seven, though I've long since lost the gloves that came with it. Everything I know that's useful I learned from Ella Mae-no exaggeration, my parents were hopeless. I don't know who Danny will learn anything from as we can't afford a housekeeper. Maybe I should just get him a Ouija board, and see if he can get hold of Ella Mae. 

I had a sort of achievement today-I drove from the north west side of town to the south east without getting lost at all. That's a first, so after two years in Omaha, I'm finally learning how to work the cross streets and number system. Each time we'd set off for our next destination, I'd get a grumble from the back seat about whether I'd like him to consult a map. Thanks, no. I managed rather well all on my own.

The child wanted a pair of summer trousers. I can't blame him really-jeans get uncomfortable in our heat and humidity, and khakis look terrible on everyone. We looked for a decently made pair of linen trousers to no avail, and finally settled on a pair of Ralph Lauren blue and white seersucker. I've made him promise under no circumstances to wear them whilst eating or drinking, and to never, ever wear them with the madras blazer I bought him. I know he'll do the later anyway, but I'm holding firm on the eating and drinking thing. It is nearly impossible to find well-made children's clothing, and almost never in thrift stores. He's just too tall (a ten year old with a 28 inch inseam) but his waist and hips haven't filled out, so he can't wear young men's sizes yet. Shirts are worse as his arms are already too long for most shirts, but his neck and chest haven't caught up. I'm not confident enough in my sewing skills to tackle dress shirts and jackets, but I may need to try my hand at trousers. Anyway, if anyone spots linen trousers in a boys 12/14, give me a head's -up (I'd appreciate it).

On our way back from purchasing the trousers, we stopped by the perfume counter at Dillards. The place was practically deserted and the sales assistants immediately fell in love with Danny. An hour later, we were on our way with an armful of sprayed (and labeled) cards.
"Oh god, what IS that?"  He gasped dramatically, pushing the card aside.
"Youth Dew" announced the lovely young woman behind the counter.
(looking at me) "Don't EVER wear that."

Some sort of aquatic Armani got a similar reaction from him to the amusement of all. I really did appreciate how patient and nice everyone was with him, but I had to drag him out of there before someone came along and offered him a job.

Because he already has a job as my official blog photographer.

Outfit Particulars:

80's Corduroy shorts-Gap (I have a matching jacket somewhere)
1970's Russ Togs polyester jacket-Thrift World
1970's Damon Turtle poloneck-Thrift World
Bass Wejuns penny loafers-Goodwill
1970's vinyl handbag-Goodwill
1970's bracelet-Hand-Me-Ups (or Goodwill, can't remember)
90's Liz Claiborne earrings-Von Maur
1980's necklace with lapis-The Mexican Shop, Evanston, Illinois
Fragrance- Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose (meh, better for layering but the kid likes it on me so I wear it)

 Danny has his own ideas about fashion. As they don't involve extreme body modification or inserting a plate in his lower lip, I let him do as he pleases.
When I spotted this vintage tie with the pheasants, I knew he'd love it. I can't remember where he picked up the tie clip, but that's another growing collection.

Our strange weather has really been testing the limits of my originality. This Pendelton wool skirt is great for spring days that behave more like winter. We had snowflakes falling a few minutes ago.
"Excuse me? Snow? In APRIL? Go get me some fucking raisins, and brush the snow off my beak, would you?"
Outfit Particulars:
Pendelton wool skirt-Goodwill
Vintage Designer Originals cardigan-Can't remember
Easy Street Comfort Shoes (they're NOT comfortable!)-Thrift World
French made vintage handbag-Goodwill
Gloves-Can't remember
Necklaces-all over
Lisner brooch-Hand-Me-Ups
Vintage Chez Original straw hat-Goodwill
Milk Glass clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Fragrance-Dans le Nuit, Worth

It has been so nice having this time off to go out and be in public spaces when all the other bastards suckers assholes people are at work. I've really enjoyed it! This weekend is the Weather Symposium in Lincoln, which is about the largest crowd I can tolerate (and they're all science nerds, so less awful). We're going to swing by Branched Oak Lake as the pelican migration has started, and I'm curious to see them. Mr. ETB was fishing there once at dusk and saw a huge flock settle in on the lake, but was without his camera. I don't know about you, but I can't even think of a pelican as a bird. They're so large, and stupid looking with that huge beak. Usually the size of the bird doesn't change my feelings about them (I don't like birds) but anything that looks that ridiculous deserves a bit of sympathy.  I mean, for god's sake, pelicans. Right?

 Thanks, Mother Nature.

Tomorrow is Friday!


Beth Waltz said...

Those are attractive trans-seasonal outfits, Goody! They remind me of upscale garments by Talbot's, marketed to ladies who lunched in restaurants with real tablecloths. I've seen a few of their "hunter red" (as in fox hunts) jackets in consignment shops, always in the petite section, alas!

Here's a thought about Danny's wardrobe: is there a real tailor in town who would make him a sports jacket and slacks? My father was never interested in clothes; however, when faced with an event he trotted directly to Leon's of Indianapolis and paid for their skill and social expertise. (They gave instructions on what was appropriate for the event, from socks to hat.)

Who knows? Perhaps Danny will have a go at sewing? Has he seen Jon's altered menswear at Vintage Vixen?

Goody said...

@Beth Waltz

Danny will do a bit of embroidery to monogram a hankie or a shirt, but that's the extent of his sewing interest. His great grandfather was a tailor, but after arriving in the US from Belarus and seeing the sweatshops of the Lower East Side, he took off for Chicago to operate a news stand. My grandmother continued to work as a seamstress taking in sewing for people in the neighbourhood. She was great-I could bring her a bag of remnants and in an hour she'd make me a dress (might have contrast sleeves, but she knew how to work with small amounts of fabric). Clearly, I should have paid better attention as my sewing skills are on the worse-than-bad side.

If you can get a bespoke suit in Omaha today, I'd be very surprised. At the rate the kid grows, it likely wouldn't be worth it.

Bibi said...

The average Nepali man has a 28" inseam & and probably a 28" waist too. Rather a diminutive yet stalwart bunch these Nepalis. The 'Asian' sizes over here would fit Danny just fine. And Nepali & Indian tailors are CHEAP, so there's that option too.
We have a tailor in our town who used to work in a Levi's factory in Bangladesh, he makes the most wonderful bespoke jeans.
I'm with Danny, Youth Dew reeks. The only thing worse EL's come out with is Pleasures (which smells like bug spray).

Mim said...

Danny's vintage tie is excellent. He has good taste.

The only pelicans I know of in the UK are on the Serpentine in London; they've been known to eat the pigeons. I can't imagine what it's like seeing such big birds migrate.

Curtise said...

Oh, they're shorts; there was I, thinking how you were rocking a mini skirt (and doing so with aplomb, I might add!) but either way, you're coping beautifully with the challenge of your weird weather. Love the red and black ensemble especially.
Getting clothes to fit kids is no easier than finding stuff for adults, is it? Owen has long legs but I don't think his waist or bum have grown since he was 5, so lots of trousers are way too baggy on the leg and huge around the waist on him. Danny has great style (and clearly the ladies already love him!) and that tie is fabulous. We were watching all the pheasants waddling around the ground of the stately home we visited this week, there were loads of them. No pelicans, though.
Friday today - what shall we do? If you lived nearby, I reckon we could deposit the kids in the park and hit the charity shops, what do you reckon? xxxx