Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lookin' Good...for Jesus?!

 Well there's a tote bag I won't be seeing everywhere.  "Be worthy, be noticed."
And really, who wouldn't want to enhance their holiness with a king sized tote?

A quick Google search confirmed my suspicion that this wasn't serious. I still can't decide if it is funny or offensive. Maybe I hang around too many Catholic Workers, but the "Shop 'till you drop" seems a bit over-the-top.
For a more practical bag, there's this beauty I bought at the Salvation Army in Lincoln a few weeks ago. It was a bit musty, so I sprayed a hankie with White Shoulders, and stuffed it inside. Now it just smells of old it should. There, problem solved.

 If the jacket looks familiar it is because I own two identical Ultra Suede jackets by the same designer in different colours.
What can I say? When I find something I like, I stick with it!
I took Danny to a play at the library done by a travelling "troupe" of two actors. It was well-done, and the children all seemed to enjoy it. Afterward, we went to the book sale, and found all sorts of books we didn't know we needed. We ran into Mr. ETB and a co-worker on their lunch break buying books. Then, we ran into just about everyone else I know. All the cool people hang out at the library, don't you know?
Swollen feet, nan tights,  and chipped nail varnish-I am positively embracing middle age.

Outfit Particulars:

Koret of California skirt-Goodwill
Laura Ashley shell-Hand-Me-Ups
Ultra Suede jacket-Goodwill
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Pink lucite bangle-Goodwill
Vintage Gaymode handbag-Salvation Army
1960's stranded peal-esque beads-Salvation Army
Flower-Tiff and Tam
Fragrance-White Shoulders in my purse, Guet Apens on my person

 The new seed feeder is attracting finches. "Good, she bought the already shelled seeds-all that crunching was wearing on my beak."
And the grackles just adore my baking. That tiny bit of cake disappeared fast. "Oh man, this cake is da bomb. She should enter this in the fair-it would win a blue ribbon!"
 My daily walk up the park shows something new flowering every day.
 ...and Blondin is still paying us regular visits for his gingerbread biscuits.
 "Hey, go stand under the flowering tree for a quick photo before you start sneezing."
It didn't take long. Poor kid, he knows the time has come for allergy jabs, but he's still clinging to the hope he'll outgrow it. This was taken on the campus of Methodist College, a nursing school. We were bombarded by the smell of flowering trees, but then suddenly passed a classroom building and caught a strong whiff of bleach (or chlorine) followed by the smell of toast. I have no idea what they're teaching those kids over there.
Goodnight, Moon.


Mim said...

I *love* the word 'grackles'. We don't have anything with such a cool name over here. They sound like they should be crispy.

It's nice to see Blondin again, too.

Goody said...


You have Merlins!

Grackles are such funny birds. Their tails are too long for their bodies, so they strut about like peacocks showing off. I watched one struggle in vain to eat from the tube feeder. He couldn't manage to hover/hang on with that tail in the way. I felt sorry for him, though he did keep trying, the lure of sunflower seeds being just too much.

Helga said...

Embracing middle age is our game, bay, and YOU are doing it like a STAR!
Loving that tote bag. Bizarre, but fabularse. the tapestry number rocks my world! This "white lady" sounds liek something my Mama would have worn, but I only recall her being into April Violets, which makes me want to heave, and Joy. Old lady smells are generally ok by me, but at a distance, as they give me headaches. Suck!
We don't dare feed the local birds. Peepers thinks we're setting up a snack bar if we do. I really must sort something cat proof out! Grackle is an odd name for a bird, but then our NZ birds have some awesome names, like Pukeko, Kea and Kakapo. Do google Kakapo, there's a great clip of one humping the camera man from a Stephen Fry documentary.

Sue said...

I hope Danny grows out of his allergies, must be a pain for him. Some of the lads at work were sneezing and coughing but not allergies, just the change of season colds that happen to blokes. You have a circle of friends in your garden? Put an S on one of the friends for me!!

Bibi said...

That Jesus tote just reeks of Hipsteria.
Ever heard of Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping? The Right Rev. Billy started in San Francisco in the 90's as street theater. His sermon of "What Would Jesus Buy?" & "Fabulous Prayers in the Face of the Shopocalypse," are reminiscent of Elvis, James Brown, the Tammy Faye Baker & Jimmy Swaggart. Apparently Rev Billy has moved to NYC & expanded his gospel to include climate change with his Church of Earthalujah. Can I get an AMEN, sistah?!?!?
I suppose everyone could use a little holiness enhancement though.
Ah well, we had a rather brisk jolt of an earthquake at around lunchtime today M7.5- lasted 5 minutes- with a M6.6 aftershock approx 45 minutes later. Scared the be-jaysus out of us. No injuries, landslides, liquefactions, avalanches, or structural damage reported yet. (Other than a hairline crack in the concrete kitchen doorway extending 4 ft.) Yes, my sons have all submitted their "Did You feel it?" reports online to the USGS & they want to know why we can't have a seismograph. Shake it baby!!!

Beth Waltz said...

I agree with Bibi! That tote was crafted to be sold on the sidewalk to las touristas seeking an exotic souvenir of their daring adventures in San Fran. (Just wait till the Methodist Church Basement Ladies see THIS...)

The tapestry bag is really quite attractive, however. Nothing wrong with a whiff of permed hair and 'traditional' florals. Which makes me wonder: What scent do you think Mrs. Slocombe would wear, given her employee discount at Grace Brothers?

Goody said...


April Violets is long discontinued, so you should be safe from that one for the most part.

The cat next door (that looks like your Peepers) sit frustrated at the window watching the feeder birds. Must be torture for an indoor cat.

A change of climate may help Danny-I'll put him on the next flight to you ;)

I'm so glad you're OK. The photos in this morning's paper make it look like there was quite a lot of damage in some places.

@Beth Waltz

I suppose the Church Ladies will assume it is some, "Papist thing" and stay clear.

I worked in department stores between jobs (Filene's, Jordan Marsh) and can tell you from experience, "Are You Being Served" was quite accurate in the portrayal of, "Types" at least where I was. I would guess Mrs. "S" would own the Sophisticat with Hypnotique for her perfume tray, but I'll bet she wore a hidden bottle of Bandit when the lace jabot came off.

Curtise said...

Now that tote bag made me smile, I'd definitely use it! The tapestry handbag is a beauty (you know I have a weakness for tapestry and carpet bags...)
Ahh, signs of Spring all around. Lovely - but then I don't have allergies. xxx

Goody said...


It might be safer to carry the tote where you're at than here in Bibleland. I'm a little worried it might offend someone.