Sunday, April 12, 2015

Caftan Sunday

This week's caftan is a fun wrap-around that looks like an ensemble, but is in fact one single piece. It snaps at the shoulder underneath the outer layer. I'm ashamed to admit it took a bit of time for me to make sense of how that worked. Duh.
Nifty, eh?

Houland-Swanson Caftan-Goodwill, .99 cents

What's that you say? There's more?! Do tell!
 Yeah, I DO stand around picking some guy's nose all day. Would you rather I pick my own?
oh, ewwwwwww. He should get his sinuses checked or something.
We swung by Aldi to do a week's worth of grocery shopping for forty bucks (I love that place).
Was photobombed my the child.

Outfit Particulars:

1970's Celara maxi dress- Thrift World
1960's clip earrings-Hand-Me-Ups
Bracelets-onyx (Mum's) Green and gold (Hand-Me-Ups)
Clogs-Retail, a while ago
Vintage Apex Handbag (still had original tags) Goodwill
Necklace Black Hills Gold-Gift from Danny
Fragrance-White Shoulders
The bag is black-the light was bad.

We visited one of the still-thriving antique malls in our area. The prices are terrible for antiques, but they had a number of under-priced handbags, and I was able to come home with three very good ones. I've never coveted a cloth and shiny-stuff Enid Collins bag, but the wooden box bags I've always thought lovely. I was able to buy one for a small sum today, which I consider a lucky break. I just cannot imagine handing over the sort of money these things command in vintage shops. It does make me think I should stop-by more often, as there are bargains to be had amid all the overpriced pottery and magazines.

I know these posts have been rather slap-dash of late, and picture heavy rather than brimming with the sarcastic content you've come to expect here. I have to be honest-it won't be getting better anytime soon. My few bits of remaining brain are scrambling to finish the end of the semester, whilst working on fifteen different projects simultaneously. I won't apologise because hey, that's life. But I do want to point out that I appreciate everyone stopping by even when the posts sound like they were written by the perpetually stoned teenagers down the way ("hey, maaaaaaaan. I like popsicles, maaaaaaaan").

I hope you have a terrific week.


Bibi said...

What is Aldi? I've never been in one, but I've seen them all over Florida & Texas.
Love that 70's maxi.
The faux robe over caftan with the snap at the shoulder is very popular in Arab countries. If it's all blinged out with sequins & rhinestones it's called a 'farasha' & is standard wedding attire for ladies. A friend of mine in Riyadh to me to the local used clothing souk there - WOW!
By the way, how do you store & organize your couture collection?
Closets haven't been invented in Nepal or India yet so what won't fit in our armoire gets shoved in suitcases under the bed.

Curtise said...

I hadn't noticed anything slapdash about your posts, you must have higher standards than me! Loving the print on that kaftan, and its wafting qualities, but you won't be surprised to hear it's the 70s maxi I'm really taken with. Love it!
Enid Collins bags pop up on Ebay from time to time, and it's the wooden box ones I like best too. But no, they aren't usually within my price range either. One day, maybe one day... xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Those pops of color clip-ons and your swingy short cut do justice to the maxi's lively print! And that bag looks as handy as it is attractive.

Moi, I can appreciate your struggles with the lovely caftan's underpinings since I once fought a similar battle with a side-saddle skirt. Until I found a film of HM hopping onboard Coronation for a parade, I couldn't figure out what to do with the straps! Turns out one wears pants, then buckles panels of the skirts to one's legs.

Mim said...

The caftan is fun, but I *really* like the maxi dress.

Good luck with getting through to the end of the semester - you can do it! Your posts are always such fun, they don't feel at all slapdash.

Goody said...


Aldi is a discount grocer that buys in huge volume worldwide and thus can offer lower prices. The food and produce are good quality (often better than the mainstream grocer here) and the atmosphere is (at least at my store) fun. I find the crowd much nicer (and more multi-cultural) than what I get at Hy-Vee. You bring your own bags, and pack your own-but that way no one throws tins on your tomatoes ;)

I have decent closet space here-and plenty of storage in the finished basement. The townhouse was built in '68, which compared to our turn-of- the century farmhouse before, has been designed for modern life.

I thought of you when I bought the maxi-I knew you'd approve.

@Beth Waltz
I've never run across one of those, but that is a great thing to know.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Sue said...

I love Kaftan Sunday!! Oh and I love your posts, photo heavy or not you are always on the top of my list to read and see what you are up to.

Rebecca said...

That caftan is just too cool and I think that is so neat that it is all one piece and such a great deal at 99 cents! Your dress is also fantastic and the perfect outfit to make everyone else jealous in the grocery store! Awesome that you found some cool purses at such an amazing price among the overpriced things!


Goody said...

I love the caftan sunday too-'caus I'm LAZY, and it doesn't get any easier than a caftan ;)

The Goodwill is often a museum of sorts with all the vintage items people skip over in favour of snagging some pair of designer jeans, etc. There are bargains to be found, but late in the week after people have picked over what they consider, "The good stuff."