Saturday, April 04, 2015

Somebunny Better Remember the Jelly Beans

Damn birds-would you look at that mess? 
Another Easter is but a few hours away. Danny is colouring his third dozen eggs, the neighbourhood is all but abandoned, and another Pesach seder has come and gone. It was nice, and my good tablecloth escaped without grape juice stains.

We ran over to Council Bluffs to buy cheese, and stopped at the tiny thrift store in an old gas station. I found a lovely vintage umbrella (40's, I think) that appears unused and still had the storage case. The heavily carved golden handle is lovely, and as we're expecting rain for the better part of next week, I will have an opportunity to use it. That set me back three dollars.

I really don't know what is going on at our library.

 Last week it was cannibalism. This week, animal poop. Don't they have any nice books, something about flowers perhaps?
Danny had bird-banding this morning. I stayed home, and spent the morning digging through my transitional wardrobe until I came up with this.

I do like a good denim skirt. This one was home-sewn (not by my hand) and is just about the perfect length for me. I do wish it were a bit narrower, and I may do the alteration (might be easier to just keep eating. I'll fill it out eventually!).
The denim clogs, and vinyl handbag from last week's Goodwill visit had their first outing. I like the bag very much (three compartments like a proper old lady purse) and the clogs are quite comfortable. As you can see, we visited the Swanson Branch library today. They wouldn't put stages outside if they didn't want bloggers doing fashion photos. Bench? Oh puhlease. Everyone knows benches are rectangular.
 This cloisonne bangle was .25 cents, and it came with matching earrings. It took me years to understand the appeal of the look, but I'm glad that I kept the beads my mother gave me some forty years ago. I've only recently started wearing them as they always felt a bit too old for me. I imagine it is much the same with the bangle that I would have passed-by when I was younger, even at such a good price. Funny how some things feel too mature for no obvious reason.
 This necklace feels a bit too youthful, but between the bangle and my handbag I suppose it all evens out!
 Outfit Particulars:
1970's skirt-Goodwill
Polyester top-Gordman's about 10 years ago (possibly more, I can't remember)
Tooled belt-Hand-Me-Ups
Denim clogs-Goodwill
1970's vinyl purse-Goodwill
1970's Koret of California polyester jacket-Goodwill (I think)
Cazal glasses-Mum's
Shell earrings-World Market
Lovebirds necklace-K Mart
Lippy-Wet and Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain-Lady and the Vamp (I love it, but the packaging is madness! It took 20 minutes to get the damned thing apart).
Fragrance-Oscar de la Renta Live in Love (kinda meh, blind buy from Marshall's).
I'm a bit late to the party, but I've started using a BB cream rather than a foundation. With a bit of green concealer beneath to disguise my red nose and cheeks, I think it is a nice alternative to the heavy slap I've been wearing for years. Perfect? No, but what is? I like the way it wears, and removes easily with cold cream at night. The one I'm using here is Revlon. No break-outs so far (I don't think my poor skin has a drop of oil left in it!) nor has it been at all drying. I'll be interested to see how well it stays in the warmer weather.

I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you a basket of treats that don't look like he was drunk when he made them.

Happy Easter/Passover to all who celebrate, and Happy Day Off for those who don't. Either way, you get chocolate.

Hey...I still have all of next week off too! Yessssssss!


Autumn said...

70's glam suits you, I do love a good denim skirt myself. I've just now caught up on the last months worth of blog posts (new job has been time consuming)
I'm very happy to see that the polar vortex has loosened its grip on you. Now it's tornado season! ;-)
Happy Easter!

Goody said...


I'm happy to hear from you. I hope you're enjoying your new job, even if it takes you away from all of us in Blogland.

Happy Easter to you as well.

Bibi said...

I am soooo in love with those Cazals.
Cloisonne never really was in fashion (during my lifetime anyway) until the 'Boho Chic' thing took off- perhaps that's why we thought of it as 'too mature'?
Pond's makes a really good BB cream also. The Target brand Sonia Kashuk makes an excellent BB cream also. Although you really can't beat Revlon's staying power in ALL their face products (even the fancy schmantz beauty blogs rave about humble Revlon's fab lasting foundations & BB's).
As my hormones wain perilously whilst I slowly descend into the menopause I've noticed my skin getting dryer & a tad 'crinkly'. So I've decided to research & develop my own 'anti aging' cream using my vast knowledge of pharmaceuticals & compounding. I found a study that implies a topical cream containing as little as 2% progesterone reduces periorbital wrinkling. So along with powerhouse antioxidants & ceramides in an aloe vera base, my 'product' has natural progesterone. I've been using it for 6 months now & my 'fine lines' are nearly gone, & I sleep better too. With all the hormone scares in the US I doubt it would ever sell though.

Beth Waltz said...

Your comments about 'age appropriate' jewelry and accessories is intriguing! Does one associate a design theme with an age range? (tweety birds = sweet young things) Or color? (candy box pink = jeune fille) Or material? (tooled leather = active woman/cowgirl) I do remember being told I was too young to wear diamonds, even "after five".

Curtise said...

Snap! I'm wearing a new-to-me 1970s denim skirt today too. Yours is a better length than mine, but I do like that soft shade of mid-denim blue, and it looks great with the check jacket and clogs. We're soooo on trend, it hurts...
I don't see that bird necklace as youthful, but I know what you mean about certain pieces/styles feeling "wrong" for one's age. But all that Old Lady stuff is becoming perfect for me now, hurray!
Love the wavy hair, btw. And a week off is always in fashion! xxx

Goody said...


Some compounding pharmacies are doing hormone replacement treatments, but you're right-it is a fringe sort of thing due to all the panic. They're not doing wrinkle creams (that I know of).

@Beth Waltz
Typically I don't give a toss about what is age appropriate, but I guess cloisonne always felt like something you grew into-like I'd need a sitting room full of interesting objects and stories to go with them. The bird necklace was purchased in the children's department, soooooo.....

I like how you did the double denim! Yeah, we can show those magazine editors how to do 70's.

Mim said...

Happy Easter/Passover! That book is just too odd for words. Don't most people just avoid piles of dung, rather than wondering about its producer?

I tried a BB cream but didn't get on with it. Perhaps I should give it another go - I usually just use a quick dust of mineral powder foundation.