Sunday, April 19, 2015

Caftan Sunday Featuring a "House Dress" by Vested Gentress

Not a caftan, but in the spirit of something intended to be worn at home. I've been waiting all winter to showcase this beautiful piece. It *still* isn't warm enough to go without a cardigan, but let's pretend we're somewhere sunny and warm anyway. 

 You can read a bit about Vested Gentress at Lizzie's blog.
 I picked this dress up close to 25 years ago. It had a cloth belt, (now los)t and being quite large it has seen me through the ups and downs of weight over a quarter century, and a pregnancy. The cheerful parrot design is just lovely.

 The cotton/poly blend has worn well all these years, and feels silky smooth. The dress is lined as well.

 You want to see the hat, don't you? I made it a few years ago. I'd hoped it wouldn't be cold enough for a hat in April, but there you have it.

I went through a Lovecraft crochet stage. Don't ask. 

Moving along...
The Mother's Day advertising is in full-swing. Obviously, I can't speak for all mums, but if I'm not good enough for a bottle of Schweppes tonic water, then don't bother. I hope no one takes the sign literally and buys *all* of it for their mother.

Did I mention how stupidly cold it is here? Well, it IS. I look more dressed for autumn than spring, but Mother Nature is not cooperating this year. 
 Double paisley is a *thing*. Well, it is now.  Danny's less convinced.

Outfit Particulars:

Bedford Fair Paisley 80's dress-Salvation Army
Rings-All over
Earrings-K Mart
Wool scarf-Hand-Me-Ups
Necklace-K Mart
Fragrance-Balenciaga l' Essence

 Why don't you forget the soda and buy your mother a nice coffee maker instead?

Really, don't buy your mother a case of soda. 


Bibi said...

The autumnal hues in that double paisley ensemble are really gorgeous on you.
Double plaid is a "thing" in India. Amazingly enough so are bagpipes.
We are having a heatwave here in Nepal & India. It's 87F & 52% humidity & the corn's as high as an elephant's eye. Talked to my brother in law in Kolkata & it is 102F there. UGH.

Sue said...

Rather liking the double Paisley, gorgeous colours. Good luck with mothers day. My birthday is the day before MD this year so I am going for a combined two for one deal with the lads, keen for a bottle of Chanel No 5.

Beth Waltz said...

A lined dress! How very Del Ray Beach! I've shopped in Del Ray's Jewish Community Center thrift shoppe for such Florida classics sans success -- you must have been there first.

Paisley begs for brassy bling, and that leafy necklace suits the small scale of the print and your stature, Goody. The wrist band and rings are as Vix would wear them. Can't say nicer than that!

(What will Danny get you for Mother's Day? Is this a 'take mum out for a meal' day in your household?)

Curtise said...

Your parrot print dress is a beauty, but I must ask - why is it a house dress? I took a look at the blog post about Vested Gentress, those prints are really wonderful!
I do like a bit of paisley, so why not have extra? Your Mothers Day is obviously different from ours, we've already had it (I think it's related to when Easter falls, but I might be wrong...) I'm sure Danny will treat you to something fabulous! xxx

Northern mum down South said...

Double Paisley outdoes double denim anyway. I absolutely love that look you put together. I'm sure Danny will be on the case for a Mother's Day treat!

Goody said...


I don't envy your heatwave. Hopefully the rains will come soon?

Chanel #5 is a lovely gift (for everyone except me as I can't smell it!). Nice that you can combine your Birthday into one big holiday. I've tried convincing Danny we should just combine his birthday with Christmas-but he's having no part of that.

@Beth Waltz
The Del Ray Jewish community thrift store-I'm getting a great mental image of straw handbags with seashells under vinyl.

We haven't eaten outside of home since Danny was diagnosed with food allergies when he was about four, so Mother's Day for our family is typically a trip to the garden centre for a plant or two (or ten). I much prefer a beautiful plant to mediocre brunch anyway.

I think it was considered a house-dress (at the time the style was popular) as it was terribly casual. You wouldn't go out to lunch wearing something like this. Of course today people go out wearing pajamas, so I'm sure it wouldn't raise any eyebrows.

My understanding is that your Mother's Day is part of the Lenten calendar when on the fourth Sunday in Lent people would go to their "Mother" church for Mothering Sunday.Eventually that grew into Mother's Day. That's the origin of the Simnel cake as well, though now people make it for Easter (if at all). Our Mother's Day came from the women's peace movement during the first World War as a way to draw attention to the losses mothers had to endure in war.

Thank you-I've always been partial to paisley, though I have few pieces.

Goody said...


Whoops-The Mother's Day idea had been around as early as the Civil War in the mid-19th century. It didn't become official until 1914.

Mim said...

Double paisley should deffo become a thing.

Mothering Sunday is linked to Easter here in the UK; historically it was the day when people working away (eg servants) travelled back to their 'mother' (home) church, which would involve seeing family. This was also originally the day for simnel cake, which has now become an Easter thing, and Mothering Sunday has become a day to celebrate mothers, rather than a day to go to the home church.

Goody said...


Perhaps we can designate a day of the month for paisley and start a fad.