Saturday, April 11, 2015

Great Plains Weather Symposium 2015

Oh shit, not again!

This year's symposium seemed smaller than previous years, though the lectures were interesting. I think the best part of the day was Danny meeting up with the University of Nebraska ornithology people, and being given a printed guide to their collection of taxidermied birds, along with an invitation to stop by during the week and visit with the experts. They told him to bring along a sketchbook, so of course he's excited.
They had a green screen set up where you could pretend to do a forecast. Danny had people unsure whether to laugh or gasp when he launched into his bit.
"Whoa, that's a pretty large funnel cloud and....well, that's the end of that acreage, moving along everyone north of I-80 will want to be taking cover before...oh well never mind, if you're watching tv instead of taking cover it is already too late and you're going to die. Sorry."

There were the usual emergency management people, disinterested students from the university, and some arts and crafts for the youngest children. It seems less an event for people genuinely interested in climatology than the television audience that likes the excitement of storm chasing. The last few years have seen the symposium decline by trying to reach a more general audience. I like extreme weather as much as the next person, but it would be nice to have something with a bit more depth than, :Look at the scary tornado pictures!"

Walking across campus we spotted the tiniest bird's nest I've ever seen. Maybe the size of a demitasse cup. Danny thinks it could belong to a hummingbird, and it is probably from last year. Hard to imagine anything putting eggs into something so small and delicate.

The University of Nebraska is also home to the Quilt Museum. This sculpture/seating area in front of the building is a nice place to sit and enjoy a beautiful (but VERY windy) day, and take some photos.

I had that funny thing happen where I drive sixty miles to the west and by boobs increase a couple cup sizes. Incredible, I know! And this was a minimiser bra. Just imagine the pontoons I'd be hauling around if I'd worn the regular sort.

Outfit Particulars:

1980's Outback Red jersey dress-Goodwill
Bangles-both Goodwill
Necklace-Gift from Danny
Venetian glass earrings-old, bought them in the early 80's
Clarks shoes-Hand-Me-Ups
Boobage-courtesy of that physics defying thing that happens when you cross into Lancaster County. I can't explain it, but hey-I'm not complaining. 

We stopped by Branched Oak Lake in Raymond, NE to look for migrating pelicans. We didn't spot any, but there were plenty of ducks, geese, heron, eagles, and vultures. Lots and lots of vultures. I don't know about you, but I get uncomfortable with them circling above they know I'm nearly ready to die! The lake was busy today, but I only saw one fool wade out into it-and he quickly retreated! Small lake or not, it is still far too cold for swimming in Nebraska. Unless you're a duck. 

No trip to Lincoln would be complete without a stop at the Salvation Army store at University Place. Mr. ETB found some mind-boggling reading material. I'm ashamed to admit the book came home with us. Danny is enjoying it greatly.Lest you think I've lost my mind completely, the book was only .49 cents. The label must have been from a previous yard sale where it (no surprise) didn't sell. 

So that was this year's weather symposium. In two weeks I'll be back in Lincoln for the Spring Affair plant sale from the Lancaster County Extension. 

Watch out for tornadoes!


Bibi said...

Big boobs make your waist look smaller! (Or that's what my mom used to say when I'd complain about my DDD's. One of the more positive things mom ever said.)
My middle son "Mr Physics' has a mini meteorology station on the roof of our hovel (along with 2 beehives & a Celestron NexStar 130SLT telescope.) We log in our highs, lows, wind speeds, & whatnots with the local Dept of Hydrology and Meteorology. Poor kid looks at me like I'm nuts when I ask how to convert millibars to inches. No, I don't know what a hectopascal is either, ok?
Danny's looking quite hip & snazzy (in a Justin Timberlake sort of way) with that fedora, cargo khakis & plaid shirt.
Awww. I just heard Dr Fredric Brandt the '"Baron of Botox & King of Collagen" committed suicide. I used to take my aunt to his office in Coral Gables. You would have loved him - always wearing something fabulous & couture, he would whisk in to your visit singing showtunes with his syringes & potions- he made a visit to the dermatologist performance art!

Curtise said...

Ha, a career in TV beckons for Danny (that or perfume sales)!
Look how lovely your hair is, all wavy and windswept, and I'm fascinated by the impact of geography on boob size - who would have thought? Perhaps you've been on the receiving end of an alien abduction which included a boob job! xxx

Goody said...


It would take pretty big knockers to make MY waist look small!

Oh god, the weather station-us too. Danny has five years worth of weather reports and printed off radar images in notebooks going back to his first year of school. "I need that data" he tells me. Okie dokie, I'll just forget packing them away then...They do have stuff to record directly from the station to a computer file, but, "It isn't the same."

If it was aliens then I'm going to be really angry because no one probed me. I mean. alien abduction comes with an anal probe-that's in the contract, correct?

I swear they don't look that big in person!

Mim said...

Holy boobage, Batman! That's quite some effect.

Weather is fascinating. You chaps seem to get the really destructive type, which would worry me no end. Our is just horribly changeable.

Sue said...

The green screen bought back memories for me. Years ago when my lads were young and I was still cool enough to hang out with, we did a similar thing as you guys at our museum, we even have a VIDEO yes a VHS of us falling off a building, crossing a volcano and being a rock band. Such fun!!!
PS: Loving your new hair do!!