Sunday, April 26, 2015

Caftan Sunday-and a Visit to Lincoln

After such a long, busy weekend, it was nice to be back home, in a caftan, and relaxing in the garden. Not pictured-the tray of plants inside the house from the Spring Affair plant sale in Lincoln. I *might* have splurged. A bit. The butterflies and hummingbirds had better appreciate it-that's all I'm saying.
This caftan came home with me from a thrift store about thirty five years ago. It has a large hole in the hem that needs mending, it has been shrunk, faded, attended more concerts than I care to recall, and still makes me feel great when I wear it. Not much more you can ask of an item of clothing. 

Caftan (ish) dress-A thrift store on Southport Ave. in Chicago 35(ish) years ago. All I remember was that it was near the Music Box Theatre. I'm sure the store is long-gone. I was so pleased to have found such a nice 60's relic for little more than pocket change. I bought a set of beaded curtains at the same shop, but have no idea what happened to those. 

 The plant sale was great. The crowd was well-behaved, the plants plentiful, and the weather rainy but otherwise cooperative.
Aebelskivers. I'm sure I spelled that wrong. They're just buttermilk pancakes made in a funny Danish pan. Anyway, that was breakfast. 
When in Lincoln...stop at Ben Franklin for plastic rain bonnets and sewing supplies. 
 I told Danny if he keeps it up with the silly faces in photos, I'm going to make him go all the way back, and re-take the photo. It was a long drive, I don't think he's up for that.

As Ben Franklin store are disappearing, we thought it best to take photos by the sign...just in case. 

Outfit Particulars:
Leather Jacket (bought early 80's)
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Courreges in Blue

It should not be cold enough for a heavy motorcycle jacket, but it is. Sigh.

 Finally, the sun came out! It still isn't warm, but I'll take it.
Mr. ETB thought the combination of blue and orange was too much. Obviously, I disagree. 
 Before you congratulate me for finally polishing the toenails, I must confess that I used quick-dry polish, and only on the toes you can see. I already had my shoes on, and well-I'm lazy. I'll get the other toes tomorrow. Sometimes I only shave one leg at a time. I can't be the only one that does this.
 Outfit Particulars:
1960's polyester dress-Thrift World
Footless lace tights-Target (I think)
Necklaces-Thrift World
Scarf-The One and Only Fabulous Curtise
Shoes-K Mart
Belt-Came with a dress
Jacket-Came with belt and dress-New Life Thrift
Vintage handbag-Goodwill
Earrings-K Mart
Fragrance-Eau du Givenchy (Liked it, obviously couldn't detect any jasmine in there, but it is listed in the notes. This was a generous sample gifted me by a vintage dealer. I'll get to work on a review, limited as it will be as I'm missing the main note).
 Too early for a white handbag? I don't know either.
I hope everyone has a great week.


Bibi said...

I like the orange & blue, but it does remind me of the Miami Dolphins. For some reason that ensemble also reminds me of an airline stewardess, although I can't think of any airlines with a blue & orange scheme.
That sort of caftan is worn by Nepali housewives in both long & short sleeves.
All is still well here. We're in the Pokhara valley, Apparently most of the force of the quake went towards Kathmandu, sparing us. Out of the 300,000 residents of our district there were only 2 houses damaged & only 2 fatalities. Indian & Nepali troops arrived by helicopter today to survey damage in villages that are closer to the epicenter & only accessible by 3-7 day journey by foot. It has been rather eerie as we haven't heard anything from anybody in the more remote villages near the epicenter (such as Lamjung) since the quake. We've organized trucks of potable water to be delivered to Kathmandu survivors. Even under 'normal' non emergency situations Kathmandu has severe shortages of clean water, fuel, & electricity- so I'm certain it is utter chaos now.

Goody said...


If what we're seeing in the media is accurate, the damage in Kathmandu looks devastating. I'm surprised you have internet.

We're thinking about you, and hope your family and friends in other villages are OK.

Mim said...

It's great how you look so completely different in your different outfits - one tough cookie in your leather jacket!

Glad to hear Bibi is okay, too. I made my donation to DEC today (Disasters Emergency Committee, a group of UK charities who work together to ensure they can reach people in crisis areas).

Sue said...

Tell Mr ETB he was so very very wrong, Orange and Blue is fabulous! The garden is looking good, and you always need more plants, I can not go near plants and not come home without any. Does that make me a plantaholic?

Jenn said...

I absolutely *adore* the orange and blue outfit! It's perfect!

Helga said...

Hahahaha, I only paint the toes that are visible, unless G does it for me! And I ADORE quick dry polish!
Blue and orange are magic together. I don't understand what is WRONG with people who cannot see that! You work colours like a pro, baby!
Caftans are wonderful things. I have a modest collection; they
re so comfortable when I can't be faffed, and still so glamourous! I could do with a decent cotton one for Summer though, all of mine are polyester.
Lovig that tartan (plaid) (is there a difference?!) skirt, nice and schoolgirly!

Goody said...

I'm tough for sure-I'd knock down a granny to get the last plastic hair bonnet.

I'm going to keep telling him he's wrong (that's my job)! Plantaholic is the best sort of addiction.

Thank you. By the way-Happy Birthday!

If there's a difference between tartan and plaid I don't know it.

Mim said...

Re: tartan and plaid - historically tartan is the pattern while plaid is the Scottish word for a cloth worn over the shoulder, and in American English the word for the cloth has become applied to the pattern on it.

Goody said...


Ah, OK I get it now. Thank you. I've always used Tartan to describe the plaid specifically on a kilt, and everything else is plaid or a "Check." Except Gingham, which is something else entirely.

Curtise said...

I'm a big fan of orange and blue together, so I think your outfit is fab. And a kilt with a leather biker jacket is an inspired combination!
That kaftan was a great buy - I have a similar-ish one in a very lightweight cotton, I love it. xxx

Goody said...


Feel free to join in Caftan/Kaftan Sunday. The more the merrier.