Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bat's Entertainment!

What gets so many people out on a Tuesday evening in Omaha? The annual Bats Over Omaha,  Bat Release Party from the animal recovery. This year, they saved over 400 bats (mostly from people's homes) and once they are rehabilitated, they are set loose over Omaha in one evening.
Bats like this fellow that found his way into Danny's room last year.
Volunteers stand at four different spots on the grounds of the Joslyn Museum and release the bats one or two at a time. Some of the bats don't understand that they're expected to fly off, and they linger in the area for a bit.
Boxes of bats.

I didn't see anyone get hit by a confused bat, but we were instructed to raise a hand if we had a bat stuck on us, and someone would be right over to help. 

It was a fun evening. There was a good-sized crowd this year, and only a few people were acting like entitled douchebags, which is nice for a change, though the ones we noticed were particularly bad.

And in other news-I baked a pie and left it to cool on the windowsill. Do I win a cliche prize? I'm calling this pie, "Mrs. N's Nemesis" after the Mrs. "N" that wins all the baking contests at the State Fair year after year. I wrote a song too:

Mrs. N is going to cry
Doo Dah, Doo Dah,
Mama baked a blue ribbon pie
Oh doo dah day.

Yes Mrs. N-this is WAR. You'd better work on your cinnamon buns as well, because I am coming after your ribbons.

 "Float like angelfood cake, sting like jalapeno jelly, Mrs. N of Omaha better skip the fair, stay home, watch telly."

When I make this pie for the fair I'll use fresh, not frozen berries (these were the last of what I froze last year). All butter crust too.

I tried snapping a photo of the Enid Collins bag I bought last weekend (pardon the bad light-it was late)
I'm not sure if I will bother replacing the two missing gems as I don't think it is obvious. I was joking with Danny how the Universe made sure it had a bird on it. I mean, of all the designs she did, I have to find the bloody bird. No, it couldn't be a butterfly, or a mushroom, or a cat. Sigh. They're taking over my life (birds) and home decor. Danny's been threatening to take up taxidermy so he can have better specimens. I guess I shouldn't complain about a purse!

Bats all folks!


Sue said...

Go you good thing at the State Fair!! I want to see ribbons, lots and lots of lovely prize winning ribbons. No pressure, just go beat old Mrs Ns sorry butt!!
PS: not sure how I feel about bats, never seen one let alone released one.

Mim said...

Good luck at the state fair! If I lived closer, I'd volunteer to come over and eat all your practice pies, because that ones looks delicious.

Propagatrix said...

ENID!!!!! It's beautiful!