Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Birthday Cake

My crummy camera does not capture the colour well, but it was pale orange frosting, trimmed with chocolate decorator's icing and bright orange sugar cookies (they're pumpkins, in case you couldn't tell).
Usually, I don't make a fuss over cakes (not my thing, really) but birthdays are special, and obviously, I didn't want to present my mother-in-law with a cake from a box.
Granted, it is not as breathtaking as fondant wrapped/sculpted cakes, but it was quite attractive in person. The cake was a strong chocolate flavour (with 3/4 cup of Droste cocoa in it, you'd better believe it was strong) accented with a cup of coffee in the batter.
I hadn't planned a three layer cake, but when I placed the layers in the oven, one spilled over. I might have said a few bad words at that point, but Danny was out for the day with his Grandparents, so no one heard.
I pulled myself together and decided rather than trying to divide the recipe, to just make two more layers. I'm glad it happened that way as three layer cakes are rather attractive. The orange frosting against the brown cake was quite handsome-perfect for an October birthday.

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