Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Quilt That Wouldn't End

I really do need to finish this as the weather is turning cooler here. A week of determined work would finish it off, but it is so very boring. The stitching isn't an interesting design and as there are only two sheets of fabric, there isn't even piecing to keep me interested.
My mother-in-law offered to buy me a sewing machine, but I declined knowing that I'd end up finishing off the large quilt instead of hand stitching as intended. I'd rather have my uneven stitches and weirdly uneven work than something hurried off on a machine. I'm not faulting machine quilters, but for my own reasons, I want to sew this and the king sized quilt by hand.
Then, I'm never making another quilt so long as I live.
On a sad note, the mice from the post a few down on the page managed to get into a stash of yarn which is now ruined. That's pretty sad (but again, our own fault for not taking precautions) as it contained the Guernsey (I'm probably misspelling that) my husband was 95 % finished knitting before he got disgusted and packed it away.
I hope the mice enjoyed rubbing their poopy, mousy behinds on it-at least as much as I'm going to enjoy putting out glue traps. Blech, I hate mice. Hate them.

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