Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eillien's Candies, Green Bay,WI

Like many people, I spend a fair amount of time complaining about declining quality in candy products. This goes well beyond the issue of fake chocolate being passed off as the real thing. From impossibly stupid packaging (the plastic wrapper that anyone over the age of twenty can't open on the re-designed Hershey bars-because foil and paper was just too functional), to lollipops that are so jagged they cut your tongue (yes, I'm talking to you Dum-Dum pops), to jelly candies made with walnut oil(yes, I know people with food allergies should read the label but come on, who expects walnut oil in fruit slices?) things just aren't as I remember them.
I don't know what Brachs has done to their candy corn and mellowcream candies, but I can no longer eat them. I suspect it has something to do with the new extra-shiny glaze, but I get a major mouth sensitivity from them and have had to swear off them for several years. That's unfortunate, because as a child I loved candy corn and mellowcream pumpkins.
Sure, I'm an adult (actually, I'm just really old) and candy isn't as big a deal these days, and I'm better able to deal with major disappointments like Tootsie Pops that have no sight of a tootsie (that used to happen to my mother quite a bit as well-probably a conspiracy). These days when I fork over a couple bucks for candy, I pretty much expect it to be garbage.
The candy pictured above was most certainly not garbage. Oh, it is good. Really good. I picked it up at the cheap-O grocer and only decided to try them as they lacked the super-shiny glaze. Given that I've managed to eat the better part of the package without any mouth itching, I'm even more convinced it is indeed something in the beeswax Brachs uses. Not only were the Eillien's candy corn edible, they were, well...perfect. I'm not one of those sentimental nostalgic types, but these were every bit as good as the candy corn I used to stick into my mouth like false teeth and go around irritating my parents. No, I never was terribly ladylike-at least not when I had candy-corn poking out of my mouth like Jim Bob chompers.
I'm not being compensated in any way to plug the company, I don't know them, and have no reason beyond appreciation to be writing this post. Their web site talks about sucking the oxygen out of the packaging to keep it fresh longer, which sounds so very technical, but whatever they are doing, it is clearly working-the candies were fresh and soft.
Guess I'd better pick up a couple more trays before they're gone.

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