Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fattening Food

As long-time readers are probably aware, I'm a big supporter of balance. I say balance rather than moderation because sometimes, you really do want the second piece of pie. So have it-just cut something else out the next day. I really try to avoid labeling foods "good, bad or forbidden."

I found THIS article somewhat amusing-a list of the eight (what, they couldn't come up with ten like a normal list?) most fattening foods of fall.

Unless you're eating these things each and every day, there's hardly reason to swear off a caramel apple (they called it a "candy apple, but I don't think they were talking about THESE-which aren't actually that bad for you). Come on, once a year isn't going to make you obese, even if you do follow it with mashed potatoes.

What really floored me though was the inclusion of turducken* on the list. I've always thought turducken was an urban legend-I had no idea that people actually prepare such a thing. Has anyone tried it that would like to comment?

So yeah, if you're going to eat a turducken with a latte and mashed potatoes, you may want to have a salad for lunch the next few days, but really it seems like quite a bit of foolishness to worry about.

*Come on, it has to be an urban legend.

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