Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today was probably the most fun Danny has ever had in a single day. He woke to a plastic pumpkin filled with Cars items (some crayons, stickers and a plastic billfold), which he just adores. Because he loves those silly cartoon cars so much, I had my husband rent the movie last night and this afternoon, I hooked-up the television/DVD contraption and let him sit in my bed and watch it. He fell asleep after about ten minutes, but boy was he ever excited for those ten minutes. This was only about the third time he's seen a television set (we rented Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Red Balloon) so that might have had something to do with the interest-though I really do think it is the animated cars he's drawn to.
Today was also the day that Danny hit ten dollars saved in his bank. He gets a quarter every day for helping me make the beds (OK, he's not much "help"in the literal sense of the word, but you get the idea). We took his bank and passbook (yes, our little bank is so old fashioned they actually write in the deposits by hand) to the bank and he shoved it up on the counter announcing "I want to make a deposit." In return, he was given a cute little mylar Halloween bag and a couple pieces of candy to get him started.
I noticed the teller's hair was looking sort of bad today, almost an Afro, except that she's very white. He glasses seemed sort of crooked too, but around here, not everyone races out to get new ones if they get slightly bent. It was only after I got home that I realised she was in a costume. Must have been her interpretation of a nerd or something. I'm not sure what that says about the town I live in, but honestly, she didn't look all that different than most of us on any given day. Maybe she thought I was in costume too; I'm going as a middle aged woman-BOO!
There's a community Halloween party tonight with contests and food, etc. I'll take Danny for a bit and hopefully he won't be frightened by it.
Happy Halloween everyone.

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