Friday, October 12, 2007

But I Like Lutefisk

Though I must say that the other items on this list of the world's most terrifying foods are a bit on the disgusting side. I say that as an anthropologist that has eaten deep fried grubs.

The maggot infested cheese would have made my mum laugh. She worked for a cheese company in the 50's at the corporate office. Every once in a while, this elderly, Italian delivery man would bring an infested cheese back for a refund. He'd walk in and plop the crawling cheese down on her desk, even though she'd plead with him not to. She had no problem giving him a credit without proof, but he still felt compelled to prove the cheese was infested with maggots. Anyway, I think she'd have laughed at a Sardinian delicacy of sheep's milk cheese with leaping maggots.

I was so not going to link this to a cooking blog, but then I figured "eh, what the hell."

Bon Appetit!

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