Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Fun Thread at The Guardian

This time the subject is food you only eat when alone. The responses are amazing.

When I could still eat normally, I did anything but. One of my favourites was a bowl of dry cheerios covered in spicy salsa sauce. I never did like tortilla chips, but salsa soaked cereal by the spoonful? Perfect.

How about an ice cream cone filled with applesauce and a bit of jam? That one really freaked out Mr. Eat The Blog the first time he witnessed it.

Of course, "Cheese on Cheese" became a favourite during pregnancy-you spread a slice of Swiss cheese with cream cheese, then roll it up before eating. That would explain the 33 pounds I gained whilst pregnant.

I had a friend in college that could only eat a grilled cheese sandwich with maple syrup poured over it (which meant eating with a fork and knife as well). That was kind of gross.

Pretzels dipped in sour cream are pretty good too. Actually, just about anything with sour cream is good.

Lastly, as a child I ate powdered coffee creamer by the spoonful when no one was looking. My sister somehow knew (she told me years later) but I'm pretty sure my mother didn't or I wouldn't be here telling of it today. Oh yeah, she'd have killed me.

OK-what do you eat when no one is looking?


Raymond said...

Living alone, my gross thing is that I just open a can of something and eat it. Spoonfuls out of the can of refried beans (alternating w/spoons out of the jar of salsa); a can of creamed corn. And nowadays, I'm eating these dutch crunch rolls with either jam or, to quench that candy-bar sort of craving, with choco-syrup smeared over it.

Goody said...

I made Dutch Crunch tiger bread rolls like, I don't know-four years ago, and I still have a stupid bag of rice flour left from the topping. I really should toss that out, I know I'm never making those again.

Yeah, living alone there's not much point to dirtying dishes-unless you're L. He actually has a real plate at work for dumping his microwaved food onto because he's all cultured-n-stuff.

Page D. said...

Kippered snacks. When I was a kid I wouldn't eat a sandwich. My mom packed me kippered snacks and a stack of saltines to take to school in brown bag. All of the kids made fun of the smelly fish. Funny, it made them taste even better.

I eat sandwiches now, go figure.

Goody said...

Kippers are herrings, right? That sounds pretty good to me.

And saltines, I mean, what could be better?

Page D. said...

Yes, kippered herring. Very tasty, but not appreciated by others. LOL, too bad for them.