Monday, August 31, 2009

Beans On Toast

Last evening, I just couldn't do anything, save for climbing into bed. Mr. Eat The Blog took care of Danny's dinner, and snapped a photo. Danny enjoyed it so much, he requested it again for today's lunch. What you are looking at is a stale piece of French bread, some vegetarian refried beans I made Friday, and cheddar cheese. The sour cream was overkill, but there you have it. Looks like he served some leftover white potatoes as well.

The funny thing is, I grew up eating food on toast. Mr. Eat The Blog's mother was a bit classier than mine, so he never developed a fondness for sardines on toast, or chicken ala king, which is kind of sad. There's something almost magical about the way white bread starts to get ever-so-gooey in the centre and crispy at the edges under the weight of toppings. Describing the dinner to me, he spoke of that as a flaw, whereas I always sort of considered that the best part. He's never had a soft-boiled egg with soldiers either, and can't really understand the emotional connection I have to shoving sticks of toast into runny egg.

Anyway, I wanted to post this as a recommendation for leftover beans and of course, to brag on Mr. Eat The Blog's cooking talents. He's come a long way from the night in Boston I caught him battering and frying a slice of cold, leftover pizza.

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