Monday, August 31, 2009


Over the last six months or so, I've dropped quite a bit of weight (over fifty pounds). Unfortunately, being somewhat ill, I haven't been able to exercise much and being kind of ahem..old I still get to enjoy flabby arms and a sagging belly. Usually, when people drop a bunch of weight they go out and buy all kinds of revealing clothing, but really, no one wants to look at my forty-something cleavage...well, except for the one person I'll leaved unnamed who I caught peering...wait, make that leering down my shirt as I bent to tie Danny's shoe. I still don't know what made me look up, and I really wish I hadn't because now that's just awkward*. Anyway, no one I want looking at my boobs will, so I just went ahead and bought dresses that are modest, if not terribly flattering.

Now for the best part-the green dress was originally $68.00 and I got it for the grand sum of nine dollars. The black and white one was five. I also scored a black sweater coat and a short black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. I spent twenty five dollars, with tax. You can't shop at thrift stores for that kind of money and as a bonus, the clothes don't smell like mildew and cat piss.

The green dress is a very light polyester material, a sort of crepe, that just flows and falls so elegantly. I love, love, love it. Sure, I'm going to wear it with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of Chucks, but it is still a beautiful dress.

So get yourself over to Sears while the sale is still on.

* Note to self, don't bend to tie child's shoe in public. Likewise, that stretching thing I have to do to buckle his seat belt in the car-yeah, skirts get much shorter when you do that. God, that was so embarrassing. I mean, gee whiz, you don't oogle the half-dead, middle aged, crippled lady. I know the oogling opportunities are kind of limited in these parts but still.
*shakes head in disbelief*

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