Monday, August 31, 2009

Fat Asses

Please stop feeding the burros.

I only posted this for the opportunity to write the headline, and now I'm not even sure a burro is a donkey. Is it a mule? I think this is something I ought to know-just in case it ever comes up. I know that's wholly unlikely, but just imagine being asked something about a burro by someone that you want to impress on say, a job interview for a Fortune 500 company (are there any of those left, post recession?) and you're sitting there with your thumb up your burro (or donkey) unable to answer. Sure, you can try to redirect the conversation, but a good HR person can tell when you're evading burro questions. They get that a lot.

OK I read the rest of the article carefully-they are domesticated donkeys. Domesticated fat asses. See, you come here for the recipes, but leave with all sorts of information you never thought you'd need. Someday, you'll be interviewing for an important job and you'll thank me for this post.

That's a domesticated donkey. Thank you very much.


Raymond said...

Here's my lesson for the day: there are NO good HR persons. They are Stepford-esque emotionless, officious and robotic inhuman creatures. I hate them. Really, I do. (On the job, at least.)

Goody said...

Hear, hear.