Friday, August 07, 2009

"Everything You Know is Obsolete"

The perfect way to spend a long hot weekend...
"If I were a Grendel where would I be hiding?"
"Inlander! Inlander.....!"

It is beastly hot here-and the next few days don't look much better. This is a perfect weekend to stay in, beneath the window air conditioner and do a marathon reading of Beowulf. No, I didn't make lutefisk.

"Mama", Danny said to me standing in line at a local establishment this morning, "Everything you know is ob-so-lete." That got a few laughs. Just for that I should read it to him in Old English.

I did however, make a kick-ass sword and shield for Danny who henceforth will be known as "Daniel the Landlocked"


And know what? He's digging the story, particularly the Grendel's mother aka "The Mommy Monster." She was probably just pissed that the Danes didn't pick up their shit when they were through playing in the castle.

I guess I wouldn't be me if I didn't make a joke about getting a hankering for a Danish in the middle of the night. OK there, I made my lame joke and feel so much better.

If we finish before the weekend is out, I promised we could start The Tain.



Raymond said...

Perfect for Danny!

I still say that he's gonna (or gotta) be in some kind of show-biz career as performer (stand-up?) or writer... maybe for The Onion, penning headlines about Crows in Nebraska. Or about examining dinosaur poop and determining they aren't vegetarian when you see guys' heads stuck in it. Or as a filmmaker making a dinosaur passion play. Or a new version of Godzilla that has him vomiting up missionaries.

Goody said...

I'm really glad that he has a sense of humour. Some kids...they just never laugh. They aren't depressed, just completely blaze about life. Or they have been brought up to be so literal that irony is wasted on them.

Granted, sometimes he doesn't know he's being funny, but I do think Danny is perceptive enough to gauge our reactions and know something was funny if not exactly why.

Raymond said...

"so literal that irony is wasted on them"

Yes, that's *SO* what Sacramento is like. All those government workers here and their slow-moving, regimented uber-dull by-the-rules office procedures makes the dominant personality here completely unaware of irony and other humor. People here don't seem to understand references placed into a humorous comparison. No silliness or clever thinking here. Sacramento is the 1960s Moscow of USA 2009.

Goody said...

Comments like that are not in compliance comrade ;)

I love how people use "compliance" like they are running a prison. I suppose it is only because "obedience" sounds like dog training. But really, I think that's what they mean the way people use it.