Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Conversations With Mr. Eat The Blog

We see so little of each other lately, that in the rare instances we are together the conversations are even stranger than usual.

Two Saturdays ago, driving in car:

"There's a sequel to the Cars movie being made. That ought to be fun to endure."
"It isn't that I hated the Cars movie, it just would have been a million times better if Wim Wenders had directed it."

Last Saturday:

"Why are children's flap books so stupid? "Bugs are little, just like me", what's that supposed to teach a child?"
"Yeah, someone should do a Kenneth Rexroth flapbook of 100 More Poems From The Chinese. "Bugs are little like a million grains of rice..."

I really ought to carry a tape recorder along on our rides together.

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