Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun 50's Cookbook

Look what I got at the library sale (among other treasures)

I just love old cookbooks. Let's take a look inside...
...awww, how cute. Wait until the family finds out she's turned little Tommy into meatballs.
Oh. That's really elegant. I have a sister-in-law that I always prepare some sort of gelatin abomination for when she visits (she likes them)...Oh Anne, guess what I'm making for Thanksgiving? can make themselves sandwiches and beers as long as I arrange everything on a platter? Woo hoo! I'm off to play bridge with "the girls." I know Mr. Eat The Blog will be excited with American cheese and beer. I would be.
Except of course when you weren't expecting Dad home for lunch and he finds you in bed with the milkman. I don't think a meat loaf sandwich and lemon pudding will be much help a general rule.

Oh ha, ha, ha.
So they gave you a blender for Christmas. I got a steam cleaner for the carpets, but blenders are nice.
Yeah, he grew up to murder his parents.
Nine year old boys love this shit.

"Tommy had his appendix out.. and I'm cooking it in a pie with some sheep's kidneys for dinner!'

More photos later.


Raymond said...

Gawd, I love that '50s illustration style.

In the section about dad's poker club coming over, and the illustration shows a well groomed dad wearing a snappy orange striped shirt, well.. Betty Crocker apparently didn't know about something called "downlow," for surely while mom is out for a movie with the girls THIS dad's "poker buddies" are NOT keeping their well pressed shirts on.

Goody said...

Not three days ago, I found myself explaining that expression to Mr. Eat The Blog. Apparently, he's never watched daytime television.