Friday, September 11, 2009

A Milestone

I had a canning jar explode when I put it in the canner. I've never had that happen before-it was so exciting. It was a clean break-the bottom fell off, so I pulled out the jar and went ahead and processed the remaining jars of dill pickles with the spice floating around in the canner. I suspect it will be fine. Then, the stupid rack collapsed. I swear, you shouldn't preserve food you detest (I hate pickles) because it all just goes to hell when your heart isn't in it.

Recipe to follow tomorrow, or later tonight, possibly with funny/disturbing stories of growing up in a family where your dad was in the pickle business. Fun times.


Raymond said...

Well this is the most psychologically-rich post in ages! You hate pickles, and dad was in the pickle biz. And, when you try to make them, everything blows up. mm, mm, mm.

Goody said...

I keep walking into the kitchen and smelling the dill and pickling spice and thinking the old man is here, wearing his reeking work clothes.