Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monsters vs. Prime Ministers

Danny is really into monsters at the moment. He's also learning Canadian history. I shouldn't have been too shocked when he asked:

" Stephen Harper vs. Godzilla?"
"Well, what about Stephen Harper vs. King Kong?"
"King Kong."
(Getting frustrated) "Well what about Stephen Harper, Sir John A. and Pierre Trudeau vs. Godzilla?"
"I don't think Mr. Harper would accept their help."
"He would if he were fighting the Hydra. You'd need a few guys for that. Did you know the heads keep growing back?"
"You don't say."
"They do. He'd need help with the Hydra, for sure. Mama? How do you spell Cthulhu?"
"I don't think Harper could handle Cthulhu."

Kind of predictably, I found myself making cardboard templates of various Canadian prime ministers and monsters. Those of you who have been around the blog for a while know what happens when I start making cardboard templates. We all remember the Noam Chomsky cookies, correct? Yeah, that was fun.

As a sort of amusing aside:

I tried using for a decent picture of Trudeau and the first image that came up had him shaking hands with Mao. Another had him with Castro, and yet another was John and Yoko. That's kind of funny because at the time I remember being kind of disgusted that he wasn't radical enough, but I guess Google is proving my memory wrong. I'll bet I have the only kid in Saunders County Nebraska playing with cardboard cut-outs of Canadian prime ministers battling least, I hope I have the only kid in Saunders County Nebraska playing prime ministers vs. monsters.

You watch yourself against that Cthulhu now Mr. Harper...


Jenn said...

I have this theory that Mr. Harper is actually a minion of Cthulhu and the Elder Gods.

Goody said...

That's what I told Danny! And he was all like:
"Well, Harper may be evil, but he isn't PURE evil..." blah blah. Kids, what do they know?