Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Fun With Old Cookbooks

I admit to a few giggles at "Fudge Filled Spanish Bun", but the recipe that caught my eye tonight is Fruit Cake Baked In Candied Grapefruit Shells.

I send out fruitcakes every year, and I might consider doing these. I like the idea of the candied grapefruit shells, and it would be an excuse to send out much smaller cakes than the usual three pound monsters. Has anyone actually tried this? I'd love to hear from you. It sounds rather fussy, and the whole steaming, then baking bit has me confused, but it might be worth trying with a very plain recipe first-rather than waste expensive candied fruit.

I'll post the recipe-let me know if you try it.

From The Betty Furness Westinghouse Cookbook, 1954

To Prepare The Grapefruit Shells:

Select perfect grapefruits free from blemishes. Wash and cut slice from the top of each. Remove inside of fruit with a teaspoon being careful not to break the shell. Cover shells with cold, salted water(1 teaspoon salt to each quart water) and bring to a boil. Cook five minutes. Drain, cover again with fresh water and boil five minutes. Repeat process about three more times until bitter flavor is gone and peel is tender, but not tender enough to break apart. Invert shells and drain on a wire rack for at least an hour, preferably overnight.

8 cups water
8 cups sugar
2 cups corn syrup
1 tablespoon glycerin

There must be enough syrup to cover and float the fruit. Cook to about 250 degrees or until it "gives a jelly test" (I imagine she means it sheets from a spoon). Let shells stand in syrup overnight or longer. Reheat and cook ten minutes longer. Cool in syrup until ready to use. Drain before filling with cake mixture. Fill shells about 3/4 full.

To Cook the cakes in shells:

Steam about 1 1/2 hours. This may be done on top of the range, in the oven or in the roaster. After steaming is completed, bake at 300 degrees F. for 1/2 hour or until center of cake is done. Cool. Store in covered container. If it seems dry, place a fresh orange in the container (personally, I'd douse it in brandy, but you know me...). If stored properly it will keep for a year. Serve by slicing through peel crosswise or lengthwise.

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