Friday, September 18, 2009

Shanah Tovah

Matzo ball soup
Honey cake

Have a happy and a healthy new year.


Raymond said...

@ the radio station, we read an announcement from the Jewish Federation of Sacramento ( announcing, "...wishes our listeners a Shanah Tovah

Goody said...

You want I should have a federation? What, one Jew isn't good enough, you need a federation?

Sorry, I was channeling my granny.

Raymond said...

"Federation" I didn't much think of, but "jewish SAC" - sack! - always makes me think of... Uhm.. when I first moved here, on the front page of the embarrassingly bad local paper, the Sacramento Bee, was a photo of a man's personalized license plate: "Old Sac." Which of course makes me think of a dangly old wrinkled scrotum. So now there's a federation of jewish scrotums. Oy! [Old Sac = Old Sacramento, the gold rush era zone of old buildings from that time. Apparently the guy with the "Old Sac" license plate was some kind of manager of the Old Sac area.] No, I don't believe anyone in charge @ the Sac Bee realized the other meaning of "old sac."

Goody said...

There used to be a booze called "Dry Sack" and they would have these advertisements with a handsome guy saying:
"Make mine a dry sack."

That always made me giggle.

Raymond said...

A friend of mine had a vasectomy. I suppose he now has a dry sack. *ba DUM bum!*