Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pickled Green Tomatoes

That's the canning plan for this evening, after everyone is finished in the kitchen and off to sleep. I have garlic and dill a-plenty. I don't have much energy, but the beauty of pickled tomatoes is how little work they are-cut them, pack into hot jars with brine and garlic. Ten minutes of boiling later, you're done.

Originally I thought I'd take a stab at green tomato relish, or mincemeat, but those both involve long periods of standing and cooking before they get anywhere near the jars. Besides, what on earth would I do with eight pints of piccalilli relish? So sour pickled tomatoes it is. They should make a nice addition to the relish tray at Thanksgiving.

I'll post the recipe when the canning is done.

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