Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dog Stinks

Poor old poodle dog has a skin condition (common in white haired poodles, I'm told) where his skin turns almost black-and stinks. Oh Lordy, does that dog stink.

Today was reasonably warm, so I gave him a good haircut and plopped him in the tub. He really doesn't care for it, but what's an 8 lb. ancient dog going to do about it? He can't even hop out of the tub by himself. I know-like I should talk. You should have seen me try to get up off the bathroom floor after giving him a bath. The blind leading the blind around here. Anyway, he's clean and do you know what? He still smells. You know how old people start to smell? He smells like old dog. Don't misunderstand, we love him, and so long as he's comfortable and happy we are. But he smells. Bad. Really bad.

And now he's all happy from the haircut/bath attention and wants to sit on my lap. I've got two letters to describe the smell of that poodle. P and U.

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Raymond said...

Love conquers all.