Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flu Shot, Halloween, Etc.

Danny's doctor's office still hasn't gotten hold of the piggy-wig flu vaccine, but the regular one was in. I went ahead and splurged for the nasal vaccine over the injection because I'm a nice mother (mostly) and I was kind of tired.

We have a tradition of going out for ice cream after vaccinations, but since Danny developed the peanut/nut allergy, I've been hesitant to take him in an ice cream parlor (all those chopped nuts sitting around for sundaes). Instead, I took him to Runza which offers vanilla or chocolate soft serve (or a swirl) and that's it. Perfect-no fear of peanut contamination. It also gives the kiddo an opportunity to amuse the teenagers behind the counter by asking them if they "Get the runs from Runzas?" Yeah, good times all around.

I do kind of feel bad about not being able to take him to the local place anymore, but I would feel like a dipshit asking them to take special precautions to accommodate one kid. I can't stand when people do stuff like that. Don't even ask what Halloween will be like. I've been teaching Danny that he has to take whatever is given him, say "thank you", and when we get home, I'll check it over for nuts and trade him for nut-safe candy (why yes, I did think to set in a stash-that's why I'm the mama...). The world doesn't revolve around you and your nut allergy (or my nut allergy), but that's still hard for a child that has been waiting all year for his favourite holiday.

We totally caved, and ordered Danny a vintage Creature From the Black Lagoon costume off eBay. Under twenty bucks-not bad, even if it does smell of mildew. It has a mask, which is really all kids care about.


Jenn said...

We are doing the same with Mary. Since she started developing crippling migraines from chocolate (sigh) we've had to be extra careful. Luckily for us she has decided that she "hates chocolate" and refuses to touch the stuff. We have a whole pile of chocolate free treats to swap her chocolate treats for after the big night.

Goody said...

Oh, poor Mary-what an impossibly difficult thing to deal with.

Thinking back, I was never tempted to try anything with cashews because I knew what would happen-no matter the amount. MAybe that's some sort of survival trait-the aversion to things that make us sick. Well...except for gin. Amazingly sickness has never been enough to put me off the stuff ;)