Friday, October 02, 2009

Not Applets

I'm not sure what they are-Knox blox perhaps? Looking at the recipe I had my doubts and when I cut into the squares today that was confirmed.

Don't misunderstand, they aren't terrible. They aren't applets either. The squares are very moist-too moist, so if you intend to coat them with powdered sugar do so immediately before serving or you will have a gummy mess. They are soft-too soft, yet they cut into squares easily enough. If I had Jiggler moulds, I could see making these as a snack for Danny, but they would not stand-up to adult standards of pate de fruit, Turkish Delight, or any other jellied candy.

The recipe is HERE for anyone that is interested in a soft, gummy, apple treat-or you can come over and have some of ours, before I dump the rest in the dustbin.

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