Thursday, October 29, 2009

Homemade Sugar Paste-Sort Of

I couldn't fathom spending all that money on meringue powder and sugar paste, etc. just to make a few monsters and pumpkin decorations. What I did do was make use of the store-brand unsalted butter I bought for $1.00 a pound on sale and stuck in the freezer for just this sort of project.

You will Need:

1 lb. butter, softened
(About) 1 bag confectioner's (icing) sugar

Beat the butter until soft. With your hands, work in the powdered sugar until you have a very stiff, pliable clay-like mixture. Chill briefly. Tint as desired (gels colourings work best). Chill again. Start playing.

Now, if you're feeling particularly crafty, roll the tinted buttercream into balls and chill. Then, dip into melted chocolate and let harden in the fridge. I made some bright orange ones coated in dark chocolate-very Halloween-ish.

The buttercream is really adaptable-you can roll it out, and use it almost like fondant to "wrap" a cake. I think that would be cute on very flat-topped cupcakes.

Anyway, another simple and inexpensive hack I thought worth sharing.

And in other news, it looks like Mr. Eat The Blog will have to deal with stuff at work this weekend, so I get Trick or Treat duty. That means I get first pick of the peanut treats-I hope the cheap bastards in this town are sports this year, and give out full sized Butterfingers. You know, "fun sized" really isn't. What?! Do you think it is? Gosh, I sure hope someone hands out pennies, or individually wrapped cough drops. I love those. Smith Brothers licorice kick ass, but only because they stopped making Pine Brothers. The Pine Brothers had it all over the Smith Brothers, though the Smith boys get extra points for the beat beards.

What's the worst thing you ever got Trick or Treating? I'll vote for Jordan Almonds.

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