Monday, October 12, 2009

Speaking Of Dousing Things In Butter...

I made a terrine of potted carrots today. I don't know why, it just seemed like the thing to do. I had a surplus of carrots and clarified butter.

My issue with terrines is that no matter how carefully you trim and assemble the vegetables they will fail to like up neatly at the end-or fail to slice cleanly. This one seemed to go incredibly well on the assembling end, so I fully expect disaster when I attempt to slice it tomorrow.

I made a sort of potted cheese from dry cottage cheese, Pecorino, and some odd bits of Swiss. That was one layer. Then I had a layer of carrots topped with olives, capers and preserved lemons tossed in cumin. The final layer was again cooked carrots and then the entire thing was doused in clarified butter to seal it, and wrapped in clingfilm. I weighted it with a couple half pint jars filled with water. Simple, right? Ask me after I try slicing it tomorrow.

It seems like I ought to make some nice crackers, but I sort of hate to bother if the darn thing is going to fall apart. Anyway, keep your fingers grossed and perhaps tomorrow I'll have a pretty little vegetable terrine to share. If not, Danny will probably learn a few new swear words.

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