Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Oh no, the CFTBL! I was so happy we were able to get Danny the costume he really wanted. It looks like such a crappy get-up to us, but when you're four it is just the greatest thing in the world. Who knew a couple yards of polyester and a plastic mask could bring so much joy to a child?...and his evil friend Cthulhu.
I was leaning slightly in this photo, but Danny really is that tall...or I'm that short-take your pick.

There were even less people doing Halloween this year in our tiny town. At first I thought it might be fear of flu, or the recession, but then I realised it is just the population getting to be teenagers. Families moved in here during the boom, and now those growing families are all grown. The people who did give out stuff did themselves and our tiny town proud-full sized Twix bars and glowing necklaces. You rock Twix bar lady, and glowing necklace lady. Mrs. Trail Mix tubes...I don't know-she was kind of elderly and probably meant well.

Best story from the night:

Another "old timer" who puts out an elaborate display each year because Halloween is his birthday (he must have been about 80) was telling me how for years he made sure no one "messed with the jack-o-lanterns" by wiring them with electrical fencing. Have I mentioned this is a very small, rural town? Yeah, don't try that one in Lincoln. When he was younger, he used to dress up like a mannequin and lie on the front porch and then scare the wits out of kids who came up to see if he was in fact real.

Danny had a blast, I'm exhausted, and now we can all look forward to hitting Shop-Ko bright and early for half price Halloween candy tomorrow.

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