Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Early Holiday Shopping

Well, I'm done. I had a gift certificate at Amazon that was getting old so I bought Danny a VHS boxed set of My Favorite Martian, and four of the best episodes of Lost in Space. I also bought him a new, portable chess set (he's turned into a chess-obsessed freak). I have a recorder I bought last year and never gave to him (just barely a step up from a "flute-o-phone", but still a musical instrument...sort of) so he can get that for his Birthday. If I can get my hands on a few inexpensive train toys, we'll be good. It is difficult having a birthday so close to Christmas, so I really try to have a "wow" gift in the lot. I think he's going to love Lost in Space.

Mr. Eat The Blog requested a film for his birthday as well, but I wouldn't want any of the tracking software at Amazon keeping a record of my having bought a copy of Vulgar. There are very few movies I wish I could un-watch-but that is one of them. Actually, I wanted to douse my eyeballs with hand sanitiser. Your mileage may vary.

I must say, it is so much nicer to do your holiday shopping with someone else's money-I tend to be more generous. I guess it would only be the bad sort of re-gifting if I bought something for the person who gave me the gift certificate. Not to worry, I'm crocheting her a hat and scarf.

Wow, I feel like I accomplished so much in ten minutes. I should go have a drink or something.


Raymond said...

Will you have the monster carrot episode of Lost In Space??! Or any of the earliest episodes when Dr Smith was still evil instead of a flaming whimperer?

Goody said...

Yes! A couple of the early episodes (from '59) arrived already. We watched The Angry Sea last night and it was like, "whoa, I don't remember Smith being such a bastard." I think they did soften him up a bit later on. I haven't watched Giants in the Earth yet, but I'm sure it will kick ass.