Friday, October 09, 2009

The Munchy Box

And you thought Scotland was just haggis and scones.

No, really-scroll down and have a look at it.


Raymond said...

Scottish? It looks all-American to me!

Goody said...

Except for the chicken tikki-the Scots are crazy for that stuff.

They do like the old donner kabob (gyros) though-so much so, they sell ramen noodles flavoured like it (I swear I'm not making that up).

Raymond said...

I was thinking of the fat and fried excess of bad calories over any nutritional calories.

Goody said...

My inner neanderthal says there are no "bad calories".

Speaking of which, they had a woman on tv from the dairy council trying to argue that chocolate milk was just as good as regular milk for children and because it is flavoured they will actually drink it-so buy your kids chocolate milk. It was insane (hey kids, have some high fructose corn syrup)but it was presented as part of a nightly newscast without any questions.

But yeah, I see your point about Americans and junk food.