Friday, November 13, 2009

Britons Are Ugly

So what?

Really, one look at the Prince of Wales' ears, or David Bowie's teeth ought to make that point rather well, it isn't exactly a secret.

Oh yes, Swedes and Norwegians...the beautiful people. Such straight teeth, such nice skin...too bad they reek in lutefisk and Bols and live in bleak, inhospitable landscapes. Wait, my bad, that's Finland. Same difference. Here, have some pickled skate. Yeah, it only smells putrid, the stuff is delicious...

Can the Norwegians drink until they throw-up or pull off football hooliganism? I think not. What has Sweden offered the world besides their beautiful men, easy to assemble bookcases, and dirty magazines?

I did find the comment about Germans not doing well on the site because they look too stern, amusing. And telling. They probably couldn't find time to smile for the photo because they were busy colour coordinating the linen closet and ironing the dust rags.

I'm going to get hate mail.


Melinda said...

I live in Britain but I am American. Does that make me... beautiful?
Don't hate me just because I am beautiful, Goody!

I hope no one got paid to do this stupid research.

Goody said...

Awww, I don't hate you ;)

The first time I visited London we walked around the East End (this was some years ago, before gentrification) and I kept staring at people and saying:
"Oh my God, everyone looks like me! This is amazing."

Growing up in the American Midwest, NO one looked like me, and I have the date-less High School years to prove it.

I can honestly say that the people I find most attractive aren't what would be considered conventionally beautiful. I sort of have to wonder what's wrong with the individuals who spend their time rating the appearances of others on the internet.