Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Couldn't Find Another Movie About Death and Chess

After Halloween Danny became sort of interested in the whole Grim Reaper as a character thing. Fine. He's also obsessed with playing chess-like first thing out of bed every morning obsessed. So I'm buying him a copy of The Seventh Seal. It just seemed like an obvious movie for him even with subtitles.

I dunno, on a bad parenting scale it isn't like buying a photography obsessed four year old a copy of Blow Up. Is it?


Raymond said...

See this is why you're so great. I woulda' thought of a movie like "Searching For Bobby Fisher" but you pick out "Seventh Seal." How awesome is that.

Goody said...

I thought of that too, but Bobby Fisher grew up to be such a whack-job that I didn't want to expose Danny to anything about him. I'm sure showing him the Seventh Seal won't fuck with his head. Maybe I should look for a box set that has Through a Glass Darkly as well...

So when I told Mr. Eat The Blog about my brilliant idea he was like:

"Yeah, but the whole movie was like, "mumble, mumble, gleetin glert wanna play chess on the fjords with death?"