Monday, November 09, 2009

Problem Solved

The first sentence I taught Danny to write was:

"Nice boys stay home with their mamas."

At one point, I even had it neatly printed out, and hanging on the living room wall. For years, he's been hearing this teasing without really thinking about it-until today.

Danny: I figured out how I can move away from home someday.
Me: No, you can't. Nice boys stay home with their mothers, bad boys run off with floozies."
Danny: But I know how it can work.
Me: Do tell.
Danny: I can bring you with when I move, and you can still cook and do laundry and all the other chores I need you to do.
Me: Awesome.
Danny: I hope I can find a yellow haired floozie, they're the best sort of floozies.

I'll be ironing my apron if anyone needs me.

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