Saturday, November 14, 2009

Look, I Like Crafts Too But...

"Customizing" a jump drive with a shotgun shell casing is a bit much.
Some of the other options include gum wrappers and erasers, you know, for the gum chewing crowd that make lots of mistakes.

Who the hell cares what their drives look like? No really, have you ever looked at a jump drive and thought:

"Damn, I wish there were some way I could dress that thing up. Hey wait, I know-a shotgun shell casing!" And then you're all like:

"Aw crap, all I have is this stupid gum wrapper and an eraser." Then, inspiration presumably strikes...oh you know it doesn't. This is asinine. Buy a proper gift if you can't make something decent. Cheap bastards.


Page D. said...

Wow, that is totally nuts. Who would ever think of that?? Must be some extremely bored person who hopefully doesn't get glue inside the USB port.

Oh, I just got an urge to cover my jump drive with glue and roll it in GLITTER. Wouldn't that be festive for the holidays??? (yes, I'm kidding)

Goody said...

The whole series they ran was like this-I believe they had a "snowman" made from an old lightbulb. "Here kids, catch the snowman, whoops!"

This must be the new frugality

Goody said...

For a really cheap project with glue and glitter, I took Danny to the park to collect a bag of pine cones. We're wrapping the tops with pipe cleaners and now have a set of 24 ornaments.

I'm not hanging them on the computer.

Page D. said...

The button snowman and gold weed angel are particularly attractive. Are these people serious?????
We made cute mice from a thistle, can't believe they don't have those. I'll have to send you a picture of the "nut" ornament year... will do when I pull them out of the attic. Well, I will if the Red Squirrel didn't get to them.