Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vintage Saturday -Food and Fashion Edition

As promised, here's my booklet from 1948 chock full of tips for re-styling old fur, leather and felt. I like the idea of recycling, let's have a look at some of the fashion ideas...

"Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics." I like that, because when I'm re-styling my leather fur and felt, I don't want to mistakenly make a pair of mittens for the goat. Seriously though, I wish they would just bring back the old names. "Department of War" was so much more honest. Sounded pretty badass too.

I'll bet little Butchie got his ass kicked every single day on his way to school in his homemade cap. I don't know if his name was really Butchie, but there was a kid in our neighbourhood that wore caps like this named Butchie.

Big sister Mabel got a new hat as well. And gloves. Too bad they smell like a barn.

A fraulein needs something to hold up her skirt. You'll say, "Jah!" to these snappy suspenders.

Now, the cookbooks. I bought these today.

It looks decent enough from the horrible could the recipes be?

Oh. Well, that really is pretty horrible, isn't it? Chicken, eh? I guess maybe you need to use your imagination.

"When friends come to lunch and you want to fuss a bit."

The funny thing is-I want to make this. Mr. Eat The Blog promised he would eat it if I went to the "fuss". I love the tinned peas floating in the cream sauce. Elegant.

You know it will be special if it has both hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes.
I want to make this one too. I think it is a "frozen" salad. Admittedly, in the 50's, freezers were still somewhat of a new thing to people, so you get all these oddball recipes for frozen fruit cocktail salads and such. This one has green olives with pimentos inside. Damn, I do love olives with pimentos.
I don't think a "Hobo Lunch", is as much fun as it sounds; drinking cheap Tokay from a bottle in a brown bag.

"Dad's ready with the whopper burgers...break out the buns!"

I had a pretty successful day thrifting. Danny has a ton of new books, the ugliest vintage sport coat you've ever laid eyes on (I'd guess 1940's or 50's) and I laid in a stock of tins for shipping Christmas treats across the country. I also scored a beautiful (heavy) ring mould made in Germany that still has the original price tag on it. I paid $1.99. Nesselrode pudding, anyone?

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