Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cod Pot Pies With Salt Cod

That's Danny wearing a sweatshirt that has been in the family roughly forty five years-maybe more. It belonged to my older sister before I got it. The front pocket fell off about twenty years ago. The really scary thing is that I can still fit in it, though it is short in the arms. Yikes-ever notice how when you get sick and lose a ton of weight it is all in your shoulders and boobs? I mean, if you have boobs. Man-boobs don't count. Anyway...Danny has inherited the Madison School sweatshirt now.

Danny is also drinking from a jelly glass that I had when I was his age. If you're getting the idea that I tend to take care of my things, and keep them a really long time, you'd be correct.

I made this recipe before HERE. If using salt cod, just make sure to soak it well for a few days, rinsing thrice daily and for heaven's sake...don't add the salt called for in the recipe.

This is such a quick and impressive dish-I don't know why I save it for holidays and special occasions.

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