Monday, November 16, 2009

Grannymar's Christmas Pudding-Pt.1

The recipe is HERE.

This is what they look like after five hours of steaming. I omitted the nuts and used extra cherries instead (because I had homemade ones). For the spirits, I used brandy and the stout was Guinness. I'm still in a state of disbelief that it actually worked (what with the stupid large mould tipping over and all). Danny is quite impressed (as he should be!).

You would think living in a place that was for years known as "The Beef State" I'd be able to find suet, but I cannot. This pudding is suetless. We can find all the butter we want.

They get two more hours of steaming the week of Christmas.

Thanks again Grannymar, they look delicious.


grannymar said...

Gosh, you are a real fast worker! ;)

The pudding will darken with the next boiling - just in case people think it looks raw. My mother made several batches of these and usually had one recovered sealed and in the back of the cupboard for St Patrick's Day.


Goody said...

We wondered about the colour, thanks for setting my mind at ease.

It went quickly, as I was home and had other things to do. I set all three into the rack of my canning kettle, so i only took up one burner and could still cook dinner.

Thanks again, I'm only sorry I waited a year yo make these.

grannymar said...

Goody, it will never be as 'black' looking or as stoggy and heavy as a suet pudding.

It is not uncommon for folk to come back for seconds, even after the full turkey meal