Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is It Too Early For A Gaudy Embellished Sweater?


I know what you're thinking, but it really looked better with big shoulder pads, stirrup pants and ankle boots. White leather ankle boots. With a chain on them.

I'm seriously considering turning the medallion part into a handbag...but then again, what if I uh...well...want to wear the sweater someday?

Since the 80's look is back, I have a large oversized sweater with gigantic shoulder pads I want to wear. It has gold braiding and tassels over the arms and shoulders and in the centre, a large satin and silk embroidered medallion that looks like Japanese enamel work with a bird and a mountain. Very classy-my mother dropped a couple hundred dollars in 1982 to buy it for me one Christmas at Marshall Field's.

OK, I'll look for it in the attic today when I go unpack my winter gear and post photos if I can find it.

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