Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thrift Finds

The first Saturday of the month is the bag sale at the thrift store in the Senior Centre in Wahoo, Nebraska. The scarves would have been a deal at .25 cents full price, but into the $2.00 bag they went. Silk, from Italy. Fancy, huh?
This glass set was originally three dollars, but today I took it home for $1.50. Not a scratch or chip on it. There was a large matching trifle dish I should have bought as well for $4.00. If it is still there Monday I might go get it anyway-still quite the bargain.

This jacket is a velvety/suede type of material and is a much deeper blue than the overexposed photo makes it look. I fell in love with the collar, so into the bag it went. I also bought Danny a brand new pair of sneakers. We were paying when the resident grandma insisted I go find something else to shove in the bag because the vintage jacket, two silk scarves and Keds weren't getting my full two dollars worth. I know better than to argue with I found a red corduroy jacket (also much deeper coloured than the photo looks). She was so happy I found something else. We found a couple motorcycle magazines for Danny in the Free pile by the door on the way out.
Not my favourite look, but Granny insisted I take it.
Also purchased but not pictured:

Vintage greeting cards, still in box from 1940's(.25 cents)
A Richard Simmons Video Tape (Mr. Eat The Blog thought it would amuse Danny...or so he claims) .50 cents
A paper lantern shaped like a fish still in the original sealed packaging (.25 cents)

I still can't believe how lucky I was-I never find nice glassware. Then, because clearly the cheapskate gods were smiling on me, I went grocery shopping and bought a two pound block of extra sharp cheddar for $3.99

Not a bad day overall.

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